21 fevereiro 2013

Experimento Oriental

Por Juliano Abramovay

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Blade soldier is accused " plot beforehand commits murder " qualitative had weighed homicide
The Ao Guanjun of south Africa incomplete that is arrested because of be suspected of shoot dead cummer, be known as " blade soldier " Oscar Pi Si holds Rice in the palm to appeared in court yesterday be on trial be on trial. The Er inside the in inquisitor case expresses on the court, will mention to Pisituoruisi " plot beforehand commits murder " accusation, before this is compared, the homicide of widespread speculation wants more serious. On the court, this is known as " blade soldier " rage of star of track and field, on the court cry bitterly. Be less than yesterday morning local time at 9 o'clock, pisituoruisi comes down to compare the profit that strap Tuo to south Africa in the send under escort of police inferior regional court, enter full court next inside. His head is carrying a coat on the head, his police uses send under escort a book obscures his face, because this cannot view his facial ministry expression clear. Pisituoruisi's father and elder sister sit in judicial in front of. After front courtyard careful begins, pisituoruisi of 26 years old is on the court rage, cry bitterly of face of attack by surprise. Local judge after this announces, the hearing of witnesses that the bail that puts forward to Pisituoruisi applies for will remit to next week 2 undertake with Zhousan. During this, pisituoruisi will stay in than strapping Tuo benefit inferior inside police station. Police expresses to object bailing Pi Si holds Rice in the palm. Pisituoruisiyin is suspected of made of baked clay of luck of shoot dead cummer Sitingkanpu and Le Tuo profit is compared in its at 14 days inferior be arrested by police in the home. Pisituoruisi confesses to police, incident happens in 14 days " the Valentine's Day " before dawn, he discovers the somebody in house at that time activity, think burglar is entered, shoot to this person with 9 millimeter handgun, the result discovers by the cummer that of quiver is her. When the rescuer arrives, the 4 play luck tile in the body had died. Pisituoruisi says, he feels to losing a the closest person " be overwhelmed with sorrow " . But police does not support this one view. Police spokesman Dan Bikesi says, police is in at this point case launch investigation, so at present still cannot with respect to case property final conclusion. She discloses, before pop incident happens, police [url=http://cheapnikeairmaxoutlet.yolasite.com/]nike air max 95[/url] ever more than the family happens to be informed against violently in receiving Home Pisituoruisi. According to a detail that police discloses, neighbour report, before the gun is noisy, pisituoruisi has very big activity in the home, very resembling was to produce tussle. Ruiwa Sitingkanpu's father cling to in say to media, he feels very sad to the daughter's die tragicly, hope police can as soon as possible bottom. Local newspaper discloses, bullet is to shoot what Sitingkanpu hits after wearing bathroom door. Neighbour also is mirrorred, her body is discovered in the bathroom. After pop incident happens, stage of cable television of south Africa M-Net withdraws next ad that Pisituoruisi films quickly, express won't recrudesce is used. The billboard that Pisituoruisi appears is removed likewise. Stage of this cable television makes a statement in website of small gain guest say: "Respect and sympathize with what stem from pair of deads, remove next all advertisement that Pisituoruisi films instantly. " hour of the number after Pisituoruisi is accused, one of sponsors are able to bear or endure the advertisement that overcame a company to remove him from its website. Chen Jiakun of our newspaper reporter